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Tip Temperture,Dual Voltage Monitor, Pm200 PRODUCT: 8007-0464-P1
Tip Temperture,Dual Voltage Monitor, Pm200
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Sodr-Tec's Process Monitor 200 provides an easy and convenient way to monitor your soldering process. The PM 200 measures tip temperature, tip to ground resistance,
and AC tip leakage, allowing for easy compliance with industry standards. The unit features an easy to read digital display, grounding jack, and because it is a "dual voltage"
system, it operates on either 120V 60Hz or 230V 50Hz for maximum flexibility.

The unit is completely portable so it can be taken to the production line instead of having to move soldering stations around which can disrupt operations.

When measuring tip temperature, the unit can be switched from Celsius to Fahrenheit. The unit comes with 10 replacement temperature sensors (P/N 1285-0046-P1) and an
external K type, beaded thermocouple for measuring the temperatures of ovens or solder pots.

The system is uniquely designed in that it comes with a universal AC inlet cable that plugs directly into the soldering system you are testing. This ensures a common ground
and AC power supply for the most accurate tip to ground and AC tip leakage testing possible! The universal power cord eliminates plugging and unplugging power cords from
AC wall outlets which makes calibration and verification easy, to give you peace of mind.


External Temperature Probe
Replacement Sensors
Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature scale

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