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Europlacer XPii-I SMT Pick and Place Machine PRODUCT: EUXPii-1
Europlacer XPii-I SMT Pick and Place Machine
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XPii is a refreshing new approach to modular pick and place. Incorporating technology from Europlacer's innovative award winning iineo platform, XPii benefits from low maintenance
linear motors, high resolution digital cameras and advanced on-head optical component sensing. With these advanced features you can benefit from all the capability of iineo in a compact
space and the modularity enables you to build your line to meet growing demands.

XPii uses Europlacer proven core features, such as turret head, intelligent feeders and powerful software without compromise. It is equipped with a choice of turret heads and incorporates
optical sensors that can detect, on the fly, the presence of components as small as 01005 and as large as 50 x 50 mm from picking to placement. XPii will accommodate components supplied
on tape, strip tape, stick and matrix tray.

The XPii -I features one rotary head on X/Y gantry with 8 or 12 pick ups and 'Smart' nozzles.
Heads: 1 rotary head on X/Y gantry
with 8 or 12 pick ups & a 40 position ‘smart’ nozzle bank
(2 x 40) or (1 x 40 + 1 x 20 + 1 special) in option
Rate: 13 500 cph (IPC: 11 340 cph)
15 000 cph (IPC: 12 800 cph) with Tornado head

01005 to 50x50mm
(70 x70mm and 100mm connectors with fixed camera option)


Fixed upward vision camera
Internal matrix tray holder
Electrical test
Conveyor automatic width adjustment
Rear operating station
Right to left conveyor
Special nozzle magazine

Lead Pitch:

0.3mm (QFP), 0.4mm (µBGA)
0.15mm (QFP), 0.2mm (µBGA) with fixed camera option
Lead size: 0.15mm (QFP), 0.2mm (µBGA)
0.07mm (QFP), 0.1mm (µBGA) with fixed camera option
Accuracy: standard 35µm (QFP) to 60µm (Chip)
Feeders: 92 * 8mm
PCB Length:

60 to 500mm
PCB Width: with 1 tool bank (in front only):
60mm to 550mm (60 to 495mm with tray sequencer)
with 2 tool banks (front and rear):
60mm to 460mm (60 to 405mm with tray sequencer)




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