QUICK 449 Nozzle Type Static Eliminator PRODUCT: QUI449
QUICK 449 Nozzle Type Static Eliminator
$720.00 (EX GST)
Unit: Each
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1. Neutralize static charges effectively.
2. Low voltage power supply, no need of high-voltage cable, no damage to products even being used at close distance.
3. High density groups of ions generated by high frequency, not easy to lose in pipeline transit.
4. Different tubes available.
5. Low noise.
6. The unit will alarm if ion stream cannot be generated normally.
7. Adjustable Air flow controller


Input power DC 24V
Output voltage AC 2KV
Ion balance =±10V
Ozone production =0.03ppm
Weight About 350g
Flex hose 310mm
kVA: 2.0 kVA




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