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Side Cutters, Oval, up to 2mm wire & 7mm cable ties, Flush PRODUCT: XUR2275
Side Cutters, Oval, up to 2mm wire & 7mm cable ties, Flush
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Cable Tie Cutter
Xuron is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of precision grade ergonomic hand tools for the
Electronics and Aero Industries. Xuron sets the benchmark for precision cutters thanks to their patented Micro-Shearing action.
Conventional cutters use a compression type cutting action.
Force from the cut is dissipated through the severed wire, downward into the component or solder joint, and through the cutting blades.
With the Xuron Micro-Shearing action, much less force is dissipated through the severed wire and down into the solder joint,
with most force dissipated through the cutting blades. Because the Xuron blades are precision ground with an offset bypass,
blade edge to edge contact is eliminated. Benefits include 50% less effort to affect the same cut as normal cutters,
reducing the risk of repetitive strain injury and fatigue, less stressing of solder joints and components, and a clean, square cut on the PCB lead ends.

The Xuron 2275 series Micro shears are tough, high quality cutters suitable for very heavy duty cutting tasks whilst retaining the precision for access into high density areas.
It is the culmination of over twenty years of continuous development of Xuron's patented Micro-Shear technology.
It features manufacture from a special alloy steel, CNC precision ground extra sharp jaws heat treated to 59 Rockwell hardness for a
long service life in excess of 700,000 cuts within rated specification of soft wire up to 2.05 mm (12 swg) whilst still having the precision to cut wire diameters
down to 0.001". Multiple patented attributes include the Xuron Micro-Shearing action, the Light Touch linear response return spring guaranteed for the life of the tool,
and advanced Xuron-Rubber ergonomic shaped non slip grips. The 2275 cutters have a fine entry head for easy access to leads in high density areas.
They are finished with a matt Black Chemical oxide non glare finish and have a very light weight of 58 gms for added precision during positioning.
The precision and quality of the ground cutting edges allows reliable cutting of the finest gauges of lead wires. Cut ends are square with no pinch.
The 2275 Maxi-Shears are particularly suited where a range of heavier operations is undertaken such as soft wire cutting, cable ties and soft plastics.

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