Temperature Calibration Equipment

Calibration Kit Pace 220-250 MBT
$427.19 (EX GST)
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Tip Temperature Monitor

The Tip Temperature Monitor is a fast and accurate way to measure the surface temperature of a soldering tip wher...
Sodr-Tec's Process Monitor 200 provides an easy and convenient way to monitor your soldering process. The PM 200 measures tip temperature, t...
Hakko Thermocouple Sensor, Lead Free - Packet of 10

Replacement sensor wires for the Hakko 192 tip temperature tester.

Also fits the P...
$25.60 (EX GST)
Available Now: 1
Quick Tip Temperature Tester, 191AD

* Measures tip temperature accurately and quickly with CA sensor (Diameter: 0.2mm).
* Aut...
$230.00 (EX GST)
Available Now: 1

1. Measure the tip temperature, leak voltage and ground resistance accurately.
2. 2-in-1 design can be used to measure the tem...
$935.38 (EX GST)
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