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Features And Benefits Fraser 715 Static Meter

Shows where and how static is generated, its magnitude and polarity
Monitors the effective...
$1,250.00 (EX GST)
801 Anti-Static Tinsel is a traditional and effective method of neutralising static electricity on sheets and webs throughout industry, incl...
Cost-effective solution to many static issues where investment in electrical static eliminators cannot be justified.
100% conductive microf...
$196.32 (EX GST)
Features And Benefits Fraser FRAEX715 Static Meter

Certified to Measure Static in Hazardous Areas

The FRAEX715 Static Meter has been d...

* For use with single wire wrist straps
Click here for Desco wrist straps
* Battery P...
$249.00 (EX GST)

Was Product Code DES19250 or CP19250

Dual test circuits
Versatile, can test footwear or wrist strap...
$649.18 (EX GST)
Electrode Spacers
Spaces the 5 lbs. electrodes to 10 and 36 inches (254mm and 915mm apart ) for resistance point-to-point (Rtt) m...
$56.95 (EX GST)
Surface Resistance Checker (Older Model)

#Features & Benefits
Quick indication of Surface Resistivity and Surface-to-Ground Resistance
$325.00 (EX GST)

Was Product Code CP50610

Auto Calibration Unit available which calibrates the CE Ionize...
Foot Plate w/ Moulded Base, Was CP98273

* For use with Combo Tester, item 19250
* Moulded back acts as an insulator
* Wider...
$378.12 (EX GST)
Quick 499D Surface Impedance Tester

1. This product is produced for measuring the surface coefficient and grounding resistanc...
$445.00 (EX GST)
Baskiville Offer a Calibration Testing of CE type ionisers at your place or ours.
They have the 1/0 Port to allow this.
CE Ionisers can be...
Hire of equipment to Calibrate Desco Continuous Single Wire Monitors.
Hire of Static Field Meter Kit for use for periodic verification of ionizers per ANSI/ESD SP3.3 and ESD TR53 and measuring offset voltage (b...
Baskiville's offer a calibration service to check Desco 19250 and 19240
and other makes for wrist strap and heel ground testers.
It is r...
$89.25 (EX GST)
The Desco 07010 Calibration Unit is designed to verify whether a tester is operating within specifications. This product can be used as one ...


Was Product Code CP19227, Now Use DES-19236

Single Station Continuous Monitors for Operator An...
The Desco Mini Monitor is a single workstationcontinuous monitor. It continuously monitors the path-to-ground integrity of one operator and ...
The Dual Operator Workstation Continuous Monitor is a real time instrument that ensures that critical ESD control components in a sensitive ...
$668.49 (EX GST)
This tester is designed to test the resistance of the conductor from the groundable point ground of any ESD technical element (e.g. worksurf...
The Desco Combo Tester X3 verifies the functionality of personnel grounding devices (wrist straps1, foot grounders, ESD shoes, smocks2).
Tester, Combo, Wrist Strap & Heel Ground w/ Stand

Tests Operator’s Path-To-Ground; Wrist Strap limits 750 kilohms to 10 megohms; Footwea...
Tester, Combo w/ Stainless Steel Foot Plate

Was Product Code CP19253


1 x Combo Tester, Product Code DES19280
1 x Foot pla...
Surface Resistance Meter kit DES19290

NEW Large OLED Display

Displays resistance mantissa and exponent, temperature, relative humidi...
Desco Surface Resistance Meter, ONLY, Digital

#Features & Benefits

NEW Large LED Display - Displays resistance mantissa and exponent, ...
Includes adapter 98257

Was Product Code CP19351

* Connects to utility ground when plugged in...
Digital Static Field Meter indicates surface voltage and polarity on objectss.

#Features & Benefits
Electrostatic Field Meter - Measures...
Digital Static Field Meter indicates surface voltage and polarity on objects

#Features & Benefits

Ionization Verification Kit for Meas...
Newer model now available. See related products

#Features and Benefits

* Portable Electrostatic Meter for ESD Testing of Static Fi...
Newer model now available. See related product

The Desco Ionization Test Kit allows the Digital Static Field Meter to be used to measure ...
Surface Resistance Checker

#Features & Benefits
Economical Compliance Verification Surface Resistance Checker
Used for determining if a...
$795.00 (EX GST)
Test Leads for Surface Resistance Checker, 1 Pair
$39.95 (EX GST)
The Desco Multi-Mount Monitor is a single workstation continuous monitor. It continuously monitors the path-to-ground integrity of one opera...
$405.75 (EX GST)
The Desco Analogue Surface Resistance Test Kit is a portable battery-powered instrument designed to measure resistance point-to-point (RTT) ...
Desco Surface Resistance Meter, ONLY, Digital

* NEW Enclosure with Rubber Grip Handles
Thinner and narrower design is easier to hold a...
Surface Resistance Meter Electrodes ONLY Surface Resistance Meter Electrodes ONLY

5-lb. Electrodes, 1-Pair; For Use With: Desco 19640
$356.71 (EX GST)
Concentric Ring Probe

The Desco 50005 Concentric Ring Probe is an instrument to
be used in conjunction with a resistance meter, such as ...
Desco Limit Comparator, For Periodic Testers Desco Limit Comparator, For Periodic Testers

* Use to perform periodic calibration testing o...
Desco Limit Comparator, For Dual Wire Monitors

*Calibrates Dual-Wire Monitors
*Selector knob to select resistance
*Made in the United ...
Continuous Monitor, Zero Volt, For Dual Wire Wrist Straps. Includes 2 x Wrist Straps, Jewel,
Adjustable Elastic Dual., Onyx, 6 foot cord...
Desco Remote, Universal For Zero Volt Monitor

*NEW - 4 mm dual-wire parking snaps
* Improved construction for better durability
* Impro...
Accessory for Static Test Meter
Used to turn the Static Meter into a HBM Tester along with the use of the 50554 Conductive plate
Accessory for Surface Resistance Meter
Portable alternative to using the Five Pound Electrodes
Connect to Surface Resistance Meter to accu...
ESD Survey Kit Desco 50564

Everything needed to conduct an ESD control program survey
Kit includes all the tools required to survey ...
* Single Station Continuous Dual-Wire Monitor
Continuously monitors the ground integrity and charge generation of one operator and
Tester, AC Outlet & Wrist Strap, 220V

* Verifies proper AC outlet wiring and ground path integrity, enabling effectiveness of
Desco Emit Calibration Unit, Single Wire Monitors

* NIST Traceable Unit For All Single Wire Desco Continuous Monitors
Only one calibra...
The Desco Wave Distortion Monitor Verification Tester is used to perform periodic test limit verification of Desco Wave Distortion Monitors....
Stand, FG, For use with Combo Tester

* To be used with Combo Tester

* Base plate features conductive matting
Provides high durabili...
100-240VAC Power Adapter with IEC C14 Style Inlet
Works with standard electrical systems in North America, United Kingdom, Japan, Asia and ...
Electrostatic Field Meter, QUICK431

1. Four working modes available.
2. Two measuring functions: a) Static measurement: b) I...
Heavy hammer type surface impedance static tester

#Features & Benefits
Testing by putting on the surface to be tested
Testing voltage...

* The Surface Resistance Meter is a wide range, multi-scale, auto-ranging meter. This meter is...
Calibration Test for Surface Resistance Checker as shown
Hirer of equipment to Calibrate Desco Wrist Strap or Wrist Strap &
Heel Ground (Combo) Tester.
Calibration of Quick192, Soldering Iron Tester, Temperature and Voltage
Calibration Test, Surface Resistance Meter
Calibration 19492/19493

Full range 1 x 10 E3 - 10 E13

Paperwork included - Complete set ...
Calibration Test, Surface Resistance Meter

Working range 1 x 10 E3 - 1 x 10 E9.

Paperwork included - Complete set of results includi...
$495.00 (EX GST)
Calibration Test,
Wrist Strap,
Wrist Strap / Heel Ground (Combo) and
Continuous Single Wire Monitors

Paperwork included - Complete ...
Desco Tester, Footwear & Wrist Strap Dual Foot Plate

* Tests Operator’s Path-To-Ground; Wrist Strap limits 1 megohm to 10 megohms, Footw...
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