HDPE durAstatic® square shaped bottle with a One-Touch pump is suitable for many solvents. The One-Touch Pump has an opening in the centre ...
HDPE durAstatic® square shaped bottle suitable for many solvents. The Pure-Touch purity protector stops fluid from re-entering bottle - eli...
Obsolete Product. Menda Wash Bottle with Trigger Spray Pump. Replacement Product Code RRSCB-16-ESD

Trigger spray nozzle - Spra...
$39.00 (EX GST)
Available Now: 0
Menda, Wash Bottle, Yellow, Low Charging, 8oz LDPE

* Dissipative Yellow Bottle with swan neck spout
* Promotes ESD control aw...
$31.77 (EX GST)
Available Now: 1
Flow-seal environmental pens and bottles are
used for dispensing controlled amounts of
no-clean liquid flux, rma, solvents, cleaning
$8.93 (EX GST)
Available Now: 1
Static Dissipative Pen Tip Flux Dispenser 2 oz.,
2 oz. static dissipative flux dispenser comes with a pen tip. Pushing down on bottle cont...
$15.70 (EX GST)
Available Now: 0
Replacement Tips for RR-FDPEN-ESD
Comes in Packets of 5 Tips
$7.88 (EX GST)
Available Now: 1
An ESD bottle with round lid designed for dispensing or holding liquids such as anti-stats, water or various cleaners.

#Features & Benef...
$29.95 (EX GST)
Available Now: 5
ESD Static Dissipative Sports Water Bottle, 32 oz.. Surface resistivity of 10^(9) to 10¹^(0)

Use for personal consumption of cold drinks...
$36.75 (EX GST)
Available Now: 0
R&R ESD Spray Cleaner Bottle, 16oz

Also available in a 32oz size bottle. See photo (larger bottle)
$25.00 (EX GST)
Available Now: 5
Low Density ESD Safe bottle w/closure

#Features & Benefits
Low Density ESD Safe w/closure
Helps to meet ANSI/ESDA S20.20.
Static Free ...
$28.00 (EX GST)
Available Now: 1
Low Density ESD Safe w/closure and 90 degree stem molded in one piece for leak proof service

#Features & Benefits
Low Density ESD Safe w...
$30.50 (EX GST)
Available Now: 5
Plato Flux Dispenser Bottle, ESD Safe w Needle, 2oz with .010'' (.25mm) needle.

Plato's POS-A LOC leak proof liquid dispensers offer a co...
$16.85 (EX GST)
Available Now: 20
Static Safe bottle with spout 16 oz. (450ml)
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