Fisnar Syringe Barrel, Natural, 55cc (Older version) PRODUCT: E5601006
Fisnar Syringe Barrel, Natural, 55cc (Older version)
$3.68 (EX GST)
Unit Each
Fisnar syringe barrels feature a highly accurate manufacturing process that combines minimal resistance and parallel uniformity over the length of the syringe barrel.
All barrels are designed with a round base to fit Fisnar Quantx barrel adapter assemblies
Luer Lock Adaptor to easily attach dispensing tips.
Manufactured from premium grade silicone-free polypropylene, these syringe barrels are available in clear for non-UV materials, amber for UV protection (240-255nm), and opaque black for maximum light protection.
Brand: Fisnar
Make: 3051792 (older version)
Colour: Clear
Type: Barrel with Luer Lock
Barrel Size: 55cc
Barrel ID:
Barrel OD:
Barrel Length:
1 x 55cc Syringe Barrel




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