Fisnar Refillable Flux Pen Std Esd Safe PRODUCT: EFV-0100
Fisnar Refillable Flux Pen Std Esd Safe
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The pen or bottle is in two parts (cap and reservoir)
and is easily assembled. The reservoir should be filled
with material to within 0.75" (19mm) of the top; this air
chamber allows for the valve cap to be pressed
securely in position. Priming is achieved by depressing
the nib while the pen is vertical.

Flow-Seal Dispensing Pens & Bottles
Flow-seal environmental pens and bottles are
used for dispensing controlled amounts of
no-clean liquid flux, rma, solvents, cleaning
agents, lubricants, masking and water-based

Leak proof applicator
ESD safe models
Environment friendly
Safe & convenient
Quick to assemble
Range of nib styles

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