Fisnar GM 2 Part Mix & Dispense Mach. c/w Stirrer PRODUCT: EGMUR5097ES
Fisnar GM 2 Part Mix & Dispense Mach. c/w Stirrer
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2 MIX-GM a single acting volumetric piston pump with spring loaded outlet non return valves.

As with high ratio thick/thin materials like UR5097 the pressure bow wave caused as the pistons

enter their seal positions can effect the metering synchronisation. Therefore the tip seal head fits

directly onto the outlet non return valves thus keeping the tip needles closed to make a hydraulic lock

until the pistons enter their seals and stall. On opening the needles the pistons will complete their stroke.

The reason why this method is preferred rather than a gun and hoses is the differing pressure drops and

elastic hoses makes it very difficult to set and maintain metering synchronisation.

The reasoning behind the horizontal positioning of the static mixer is to eliminate the thick material falling

through the thinner material which would cause an imbalanced ratio mix.

Ideally coming up to the shut down the machine should be left with a full tank on the ISO. side and a nearly empty tank

on the resin side. No purging is required. The nitrogen blanket will keep the Iso. in good condition ready for the next batch whenever that might be.

Machine Specifications.

1. A set of 28.00 and 14.58 mm diameter pumps linked together and driven by 63.00 mm bore drive cylinders, actuated by a foot pedal

with a adjustable dead stop for setting the cycle shot size.

A set of 28.00 mm and 17.58 mm pump set will give the 6.07 to 1 volumetric ratio and a 58 ml max shot so the 105 ml shot will need two cycles.

Two off 5 litre stainless steel tanks fitted with sealable lids vented through silica gel traps. Part B trap will have an additional fitting to be able to

ingress nitrogen into the tank when not in use to maintain dry air free barrier for the Iso material. Photo as per attachment.

A directly mounted 32 series twin tip seal with horizontal centre injection outlet.




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