Fisnar Static Mixing Tube MS08-32, Pkt of 10 PRODUCT: FIS1670832
Fisnar Static Mixing Tube MS08-32, Pkt of 10
$59.50 (EX GST)
Unit Pkt 10 (1)
Fisnar Static Mixing Tube, MS08-32, MOQ is 10- Sold as a packet of 10.

Part Number: 1670832
Length (inches): 11.300
Length mm: 287
Inside Diameter (inches): 0.315
Inside Diameter (mm): 8.00
Outside Diameter (Inches): 0.472
Outside Diameter (mm) 12.00
Number of elements: 32
Content Volume (ml): 11.5
Nozzle Diameter 2.4mm

Static Mixers attach to both Metering & Mixing Dispense machines and to dual cartridges.
Static Mixers provide an even mixing of two-part materials without the hassle of hand

The bell mouth is the material entry end of the nozzle and the part that fits over the
metering & mixing machine exit manifold. Static mixing elements inside the body of the
nozzle are manufactured from high grade polyacetal to withstand the higher pressures
of metering and mixing machines. Static mixer housings are polypropylene.

1670832LL is the same as above but this item is fitted with a luer lock adapter.




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