Quick Dispensing Robot 8320A PRODUCT: QUI8320A
Quick Dispensing Robot 8320A
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Three-axis Automatic Dispensing Robot
High performance and nice platform
High Precision step motor, accurate dispensing orbit
Dispensing speed and time set separately
Varios types of dispensing needles, syringe, dispensing value and controller available
Voltage: 100-240V AC
Axis: 3
Movement Range(mm): X 300
Y 300
Z 100

Speed Range(mm/sec): X 0.1-600
Y 0.1-600
Z 0.1-300

Repeat Accuracy(mm): X, Y &,Z ±0.02
Resolution(mm): X, Y & Z 0.01
Loaded Weight(kg): Worktable 5 kg
Head 2 kg
Speed Control: 3-dimensional line, circular interpolation, smoothly
Gluing Compensation: Glue feeding ahead or delay etc
Demo File Capacity: =999, Max. 60000 points
Processed File Capacity: =255
Environmental Conditions: Temperature(?) 0-40
Humidity (%) 20-90(No condensing)
Size W×D×H(mm): 420×480×500
Weight(kg): About 27kg




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