South Mach 2019 cleaning kit special

South Mach 2019 cleaning kit special PRODUCT: 01MSMMCC
South Mach 2019 cleaning kit special
$75.25 (EX GST)
Unit Each
While stock lasts
While stock lasts
Discount special for South Mach19
this fast-drying fluid and the strongest cleaner on the market in its class (non-chlorinated, non-halogenated solvents)
this product also easily removes silicone conformal coatings and silicone glues

Microcare Bench Mount Kit
This is used as part of the trigger grip system to hold the can in a upright and convenient position out of the way

MicroCare ESD safe Solvent Miser Trigger Grip is the best way to use today's new, ozone safe cleaning solvents.
The Trigger Grip makes each can of solvent last longer, saving money.

The sticklers Optical Grade Dust & Particle Remover is non flammable, plastic safe and leave no residue.
Also safe for use on related network equipment including test instruments,electrical connectors, circuit boards, photo & video equipment.
Leaves no reside.




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