Aculon NanoProof 3-02 - 40ml

Aculon NanoProof 3-02 - 40ml PRODUCT: ACU302-40ml
Aculon NanoProof 3-02 - 40ml
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Aculon® NanoProof® 3 series offers anti-wetting, anti-stiction, chemical protection, corrosion protection and moisture protection of printed circuit boards and electronic components.
The NanoProof® 3 has similar performance and chemical properties as 3MTM NovecTM products providing a readily available and accessible drop-in alternative to the 3MTM NovecTM product series.

Aculon® NanoProof® surface coating is capable of imparting hydrophobicity and oleophobicity to a wide variety of surfaces in a simple, one-step process. It is designed for multi-surface treatment on metals,
semiconductors, and polymers.
Solids Solvent Color NanoProof 3-002 (0.2%) Fluorosolvent Light green NanoProof 3-02 (2%) Fluorosolvent Light green NanoProof 3-04 (4%) Fluorosolvent Light green
NanoProof 3-08 (8%) Fluorosolvent Light green NanoProof 3-10 (10%) Fluorosolvent Light green Physical Properties of Formulation (all values @ 25°C) Viscosity* < 20 cP Boiling Point of Solvent
56.2°C (133°F) Flash Point Not applicable Non-flammability Meets UL 94 V-0 Environmental Low in toxicity, non-ozone depleting, low in GWP, RoHS compliant and VOC exempt (per U.S.-EPA), contains no
chlorine or bromine Shelf Life 2 Years (Unopened container) Specific Gravity 1.49 g/ml *Determined by Zahn Cup Number 1 testing Physical Properties of Post Treatment Coating Tg (glass transition) -95°C from peak on DSC Thermal Stability of Dry Film Can withstand 175°C for 24hrs and maintain repellency Thermal Conductivity In Process Coefficient of Thermal Expansion In Process Water Contact Angle 120° Oil Contact Angle 80° Refractive Index 1.376 @632.8nm Solder Through Repairability Yes Electrical Properties Dielectric Breakdown Strength (@35% RH) 3600 V/mil Moisture and Insulation Resistance 2.54E+12 O Volume Resistivity 6.33E+13 O·cm (@30 VDC) Dielectric Constant In Process Dissipation Factor In Process Aculon® NanoProof® 3 Series Electronic Coating NanoProof® 3 Series Revised on 3/30/23 Features • Creates moisture barriers on coated parts • Repels water, oil, and other liquid organic materials • Adheres to a variety of surfaces ensuring protection of PCBs. • Push-through conductivity within 2 hours Easy to apply and dries quickly without the need for curing Thermally and electrically stable Moisture, chemical, corrosion protection for printed circuit boards and electrical components

Anti-wetting and anti-stiction in many diverse applications Chemical Compatibility Recommendation for tubing and plastics via application equipment . Compatible with: PEEK, Polyethylene terephthalate
(PET), Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), Polystyrene, EPDM, ABS, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Glass Avoid: Viton, HDPE, LDPE, CPVC, PVC, PTFE, PVDF, silicone, neoprene, Polypropylene,
PMMA Application Techniques Surface Preparation/ Cleaning: Ensure that the surface is free of any grease, fingerprints, adhesive residues or dirt. This can be accomplished by first degreasing the
surface with solvents or by rinsing with soap and water or by rinsing with IPA. Depending on the sensitivity of your part to liquids Kyzen cleaners like Ionox I3416 or Cybersolv 141-R may be most appropriate
for removing surface contamination.
Contact Aculon if you are unsure what cleaner to use and we will recommend one best suited for your application. Substrates should be coated after cleaning as
soon as possible to minimize the potential for recontamination. Testing For Hydrophobicity: Allow droplets of water to fall onto the surface, they should bead up to a contact angle >90°. If the surface is not hydrophobic clean the surface again and reapply. Safety, Handling, Storage, Shelf Life: Store in a cool (~25°C) and dry area, and keep away from direct sun light. See this product’s SDS for proper handling. When stored properly, product has a 2 year shelf life. For Additional Information: To request additional product information or sales assistance, contact Aculon’s Technical Team, at 858-350-9474. For information on other Aculon products, please visit our website at Application Ideas Application Options Flow coat, selective dispense, dip, spray or brush apply. If dipping, Aculon recommends an extraction rate of 100 mm/min or less. Dilution Can be diluted with FS-350 fluorosolvent Drying/Curing Dries at room temperature in under 5 minutes. Removability FS-350 fluorosolvent NanoProof® 3 Series Revised on 3/30/23
Package: 40ml sample
Shelf Life: 2 Years (unopened container)
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