EFD Flux Paste Gel No- Clean 10g Syringe

EFD Flux Paste Gel No- Clean 10g Syringe PRODUCT: E6412A
EFD Flux Paste Gel No- Clean 10g Syringe
$25.60 (EX GST)
Unit Each
FluxPlus dispensable and printable paste fluxes are designed to meet a wide variety of fluxing needs and are formulated to perform well with all dispensing and printing technologies in use today. Electronic assembly applications include BGA/PGA sphere and pin attachment, BGA and other rework, and fluxing of
pre-bumped flip chips and solder pads.
Plunger sold separately and is available on request.
*Designed for both dispensing and printing. It offers up to eight (8) hours of print life and four (4) hours of tack time. It offers exceptional lot-to-lot consistency with excellent dispense and print resolution and reproducibility
*No Clean - Residue is designed to be left in place for typical applications.
Material Properties: J-STD-004
Classification: ROL0
Copper Mirror: No Breakthrough
Silver Chromate: Pass
Fluoride Spot: Pass
Corrosion: None
SIR 24 hours* :1.1 x 10 Ohms
SIR 96 hours*: 9.7 x 10E9 Ohms
SIR 168 hours*: 7.0 x 10E9 Ohms
Acid Value: (ASTM D-465-82), 105 +/- 10
Colour: Amber - colourless, transparent, hard, non-corrosive, inert, and designed to be left on your assembly.
Specific Gravity:1.01 +/- 0.05
Percent Solids: 59 +/- 2%
Penetration Value: (ASTM D-937-92) 200 +/- 25 mm
Storage: Between 4 degrees Can 21degrees C (40F and 70F). Do not Freeze. Allow four (4) hours at room temperature before using. Exposure to temperatures in excess of 27degrees C may cause chemical decomposition.
Best Working Environment: 20 degrees C to 25 degrees C (68F to 77F) at 35% to 60% Relative Humidity
Heating Guideline: Max 330 degrees C

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