Desco Glove, Esd, Inspection, XLarge, Pair PRODUCT: DES68123
Desco Glove, Esd, Inspection, XLarge, Pair
$13.57 (EX GST)
Unit Each

Dissipative (10E5-10E8 ohms) Thunderon® Fibres

Electrically bonds through grounded operator and produces no charge generation preventing ESD events.

Kevlar Kleen® Carrier Yarn

Protects the operator’s hands from cuts caused by circuit board edges, leads, and other sharp objects. Absorbs oils and other contaminants produced by operator’s skin.

Seamless Fine Gauge Knit

Designed for all-day wear allowing easy hand movement and a high level of tactile sensitivity

Durable Construction

Will retain ESD and other properties for 25 washing or approximately 1 year

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