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Olamef TP/LN-500/2 Radial Compon. Cutter 52x93mm PRODUCT: OL34-0002
Olamef TP/LN-500/2  Radial Compon. Cutter 52x93mm
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The O-TP/LN-500 is a pneumatic machine to cut loose radial components by using a guillotine type lower blade. It can handle any type of radial component regardless of lead diameter
pitch and form. Comes complete with a 53mm x 93mm cutting plate.

The upper plate thickness comes as standard .125" (3.2mm) thick.

Additional plates can be ordered to increase the height, starting from .019" (0.5mm).
Two versions are available:

O-TP/LN-500/1 = 53 x 43 cutting plate

O-TP/LN-500/2 = 53mm x 93mm cutting plate
34-0001 component Cutter

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