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Sticklers CleanClickers MPO/MTP End Face Cleaner 600 PRODUCT: MCCCCMPO
Sticklers CleanClickers MPO/MTP End Face Cleaner 600
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MPO Connector Cleaner for Fiber Optic Networks
IMPROVED! For customers in data centers, telco central offices, cable TV head ends and other locations where high fiber count connectivity is paramount, the new Sticklers Keyless MPO connector cleaner
is the latest innovation in fiber cleaning.

Key benefits include:

Key Benefits of the MPO Connector Cleaner for Fiber Networks:
600+ cleanings in each tool
One device cleans both male (with guide pins) and female MPO connectors
Cleans all compliant IEC 61754-7 and TIA604-5 FOCIS 5 MT-based connector systems, including hardened Amphenol and other brands of multi-fiber connectors
Cleans adapters and truck assemblies
Translucent plastic housing enables the operator see the remaining quantity of cleaning ribbon; avoids surprises out in the field
Perfect for cleaning flat polished multimode connectors and angled single-mode connectors. Exclusive: with the tip insertion orientation key removed, this is the only MPO tool that can clean inverted,
which makes cleaning in tight spaces or near floors or ceilings much easier. Perfect for cleaning connectors in high-density network applications such as data centers and telecom central offices.




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