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Sticklers Clean Wipes, 50 Single Foil Sealed PRODUCT: MCCFA1
Sticklers Clean Wipes, 50 Single Foil Sealed
$46.93 (EX GST)
Unit Pkt 50
Sticklers Clean Wipes/cloths, Singles

The World's Only Fibre Optic Wipe Engineered for Harsh Environments

Stickler Outdoor CleanWipes are the only wipe on the market engineered for cleaning in
harsh environments. These wipes and their packaging have been engineered specifically
to meet the demanding needs of today's gigahertz fibre optic networks. Special features

* High-Purity Lint-free Dry Wipe in a Hermetically-Sealed Package, Perfectly Clean Until
* Outdoor CleanWipes Can Be Stored On-Site to Ensure Cleaning Materials Always Are
* Both Simplex and Duplex Connectors Can Be Cleaned with the Same Wipes
* Easy-to-Use Instructions Make Cleaning Simple, Even with Multiple Languages
* One-of-a-Kind Capabilities for Harsh Environments (Rain, Dust, Hard-to-Access Locations)

The Outdoor CleanWipes will deliver the best results when used with the Sticklers Fibre Optic Splice and Connector Cleaner (
the Outdoor CleanWipes will provide the convenient "wet-dry" end-face cleaning which has been shown to deliver improved results.

Each Outdoor CleanWipe is packaged in a hermetically-sealed, contamination-proof packet that is opened just before use, so cleaning is fast and reliable.
The wipes are dry (no solvent included in the package) and are made from a field-proven, lint-free polyester fabric that resists linting and tearing, even on LC end-faces.
The wipes contain no cellulose, glues or bleaches which might contaminate surfaces. Each wipe can clean up to six connector end-faces.

The foil package used with the Outdoor Wipes protects the user's hands from passing contaminates onto the wipe. Each package has a convenient "button-hole" so the wipes
can be attached directly to cables, accessories or equipment. This enables OEM companies to ship the proper cleaning wipes with their components, thereby insuring only clean end-faces
will be inserted into their equipment which improves customer satisfaction and decreases costly returns.




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