Fibre Optic Cleaning

Sticklers Fibre Optic Cleaning Fluid w/ wipes PRODUCT: MCCPOCWF44
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Sticklers fibre Optic Splice and Connector Cleaner w/ Pkt 50 Wipes

Connector Cleaner

* A Non-flammable, Non-hazardous Replacement for IPA Alcohol
* Fast Drying the Liquid Evaporates, Can't Be Trapped Inside the Connector
* Dissipates Static to Make It Easy to Remove Particulate
* Leaves End-Face Electrically Neutral So As to Avoid Attracting Particulates
* Safe on Plastic, Optical fibre, Metals, Glass and Coatings
* More than 400+ Cleaning In Each Pocket-Sized Canister


MicroCare's new fibre Care FiberWipes are specifically designed for technicians working on
fibre optic and/or photonics applications. These wipes are made of a glue-free, super-purity,
lint-free polyester material that is stronger, softer and more absorbent than traditional "cellulose
wipes." These wipes are sized perfectly for cleaning fibres either (a) after stripping prior to
termination or fusion splicing or (b) for cleaning connector end-faces after polishing.
The convenient bag makes these wipes a winning choice on the workbench. Same paper
as the WFW, just slightly larger, more economical package (
Size: 4x4 inches, 10x10cm
Materials: Pure Polyester, Optical Grade Hydroentangled (No binders)
Basis Weight: 2.0 Oz.
Colour: White
Surface: Smooth
Edges: Knife Cut
Particulate: 4.0
Absorbency: 322
Double-bagged for clean rooms
Packaged: 50 sheets per bag, 96 bags per case

Great for cleaning Glasses

Can purchase cleaner (01M-MCC-POC03M) and wipes (01M-MCC- WF44) separately




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