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Sticklers Clean Wipes 400, Travel Pack PRODUCT: MCCWCS100
Sticklers Clean Wipes 400, Travel Pack
$97.65 (EX GST)
Unit Each
MicroCare - Sticklers - CleanWipes/cloths - Portable Tool For Cleaning Jumpers & Patch
Cord - Hi Modulus Fabric That Will Not Lint, Tear or Shred. 400 to 1000 plus Cleanings per box. 100 sheets with up to 12 cleans per wipe. See photo.

The Sticklers CleanWipes 400 fibre optic cleaning tool

* An Engineered Tool for the High-Speed Cleaning of Fibre Optic Jumpers and Patch Cords in the Field

* Unique, High-Modulus Wipe Won't Shred or Lint, for Greatly Improved Cleaning

* Static-Dissipative Material

* Cleans Perfectly, At the Lowest Cost-per-Clean

The Sticklers CleanWipes 400 cleaning device is a convenient, transportable fibre optic cleaning tool designed for the high-speed cleaning of fibre optic jumpers and patch cords out
in the field. Its unique design enables technicians to clean fibre optic end-faces at the lowest possible cost-per-clean.

Everyone in the industry knows that if cleaning isn't fast and convenient, fibre optic installers simply won't clean, which adds maintenance and repair costs.
The CleanWipes 400 system offers supervisors a simple, fast and disciplined cleaning process that delivers perfectly clean connectors and will easily be adopted by techs in the field.
Better cleaning makes the network run faster and avoids expensive service calls that cost companies money.

The CleanWipes 400 tool has many special features, but first and foremost it is the design of the package that makes this product completely unique.
This innovative engineering eliminates the chance of cleaning on already contaminated wipes, and minimizes fingertip contamination of the wipes.
This design offers a huge improvement in the cleaning results and potential will result in enormous cost-savings to network operators.

Inside the CleanWipes 400 users will find an exclusive, static-dissipative, high-modulus fabric that will not tear or shred even when cleaning LC connectors.
This highly absorbent material is very soft and will not scratch end-faces. This is the cleanest and best wiping material on the market today, so it's no surprise it delivers the best cleaning results.

Other features include:

The package is small and transportable, but very durable.
The color-coded Sticklers CleanSlots tracks remind techs to never re-use a wipe, eliminating cross-contamination.
The materials used in the package dissipates static charges so end-faces stay cleaner longer.
The system can be used as a stand-alone tool or flat on the benchtop, whichever is more convenient.

Each cleaning tool delivers more than 400 perfect cleanings in each box.

Product: CleanWipes 400
Part Number: MCC-WCS100
Contains: 400 Cleans/Box See above. Up to 1000 plus cleans per box 100 sheets and 12 cleans per wipe
Packaged: 12 Boxes Per Case

SHIPPING: All Sticklers products can be shipped anywhere, even by air, without hazmat fees or paperwork.

SHELF LIFE: The shelf life for the CleanWipe 400 is unlimited.

WARRANTY: The warranty for all CleanWipe 400 is twelve months.




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