Fibre Optic Cleaning

Sticklers Clean Wipes 3200 PRODUCT: MCCWCS800
Sticklers Clean Wipes 3200
$149.43 (EX GST)
Unit Each
The CleanWipes/cloths 3200 fibre optic cleaning tool

*3,200 perfect cleanings in each box Test have shown up to 12 cleans per sheet x 800 sheets = 9600 cleans are achievable.!

* An Engineered Tool for the High-Volume, High-Speed Cleaning of Fibre Optic Jumpers and
Patch Cords

* Engineered for OEM Environments

* Unique, High-Modulus Wipe Eliminates Shredding and Linting, for Greatly Improved Cleaning

*Static-Dissipative Material

*Cleans Perfectly, At the Lowest Cost-per-Clean

The Sticklers CleanWipes 3200 cleaning system is a benchtop fibre optic cleaning tool
designed for high-volume, high-speed manufacturing of fibre optic jumpers and patch cords.
It enables technicians to produce perfectly clean end-faces at the lowest possible cost.

Most importantly, the CleanWipes™ 3200 tool creates a disciplined cleaning process that
results in perfectly clean connectors by avoiding the re-use of contaminated cleaners
and/or wipes.




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