Fibre Optic Cleaning

Sticklers Fibre Optic Cleaning Wipes, Tub, 90 Shts PRODUCT: MCCWFW
Sticklers Fibre Optic Cleaning Wipes, Tub, 90 Shts
$16.95 (EX GST)
Unit Tub
Sticklers Fibre Optic Cleaning Wipes/cloths, Tub, 90 Sheets

Optical-Grade Lint-Free Wipe

Engineered to work with Solvents

Far Stronger and Less Linting than

Cellulose Wipes or Tee Shirts

Makes Wet/Dry Cleaning of

Fibre Optic Connectors Easy

Great for Cleaning Bare Fibre

Very Affordable

General Information
FiberWipes are high quality, lint-free wipes
engineered for use during the installation,
repair and reconfiguration of fibre optic
networks, but they also have many uses in
cleaning optical devices such as lenses or
About the Product
These lint-free wipes are made from soft, Hydroentangled polyester fabric,
without glues or linty cellulose. Because FiberWipes are cleaner than traditional
wipes, they are ideal for cleaning optical devices, bare optical fibres and fibre
optic connector end-faces.
The strong fabric resists linting and tearing even on LC connector end-faces.
With excellent absorbency, these wipes lift away fingerprint oils, grime, dust,
polishing media and lint. Each wipe is 4 x 2 (10 cm x 5 cm), which is the
perfect size for cleaning fibres or connector end-faces. They can easily be
used with solvent in Wet/Dry connector cleaning (see
There also is a larger size, 4 x 4 (10cm x 10cm), in a bag of 50 wipes for even
more economical cleaning.
These wipes also are ideal for cleaning optical components such as lenses,
mirrors, diffraction gratings, prisms, LCD displays and test equipment.
The FiberWipes mini-tub package is rugged and spill-proof, and each roll of
wipes is protected with a plastic overwrap in addition to the tub itself. This
keeps fingerprints, dust and moisture off the wipes without the expense of
cartridge-style packaging. The unique Drop-n-Stop packaging the
octagonal top keeps the tub from rolling when dropped, and the small
package makes them handy both on a benchtop or out in the field.




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