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Anti-Static, HOG BRISTLE, Toothbrush -Style Brush, 3 x 7 Rows PRODUCT: GB30CK
Anti-Static, HOG BRISTLE, Toothbrush -Style Brush, 3 x 7 Rows
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Toothbrush-style brush with anti-static Hog Bristle and a static-neutral Plywood Handle in a curved design for knuckle protection.
ESD Type: Anti-Static
Our 30 Series is our most popular all--purpose toothbrush-style scratch brush designed with a bend for knuckle protection
The hog bristle, hand-laced with stainless steel wire, remains secure even in wet environments if the wooden handle expands or contracts.
Hand-laced brushes are the premium brushes in the industry.
Each fill tuft is tied into position by hand, resulting in a superior quality brush with maximum fiber retention.
Greater bristle density than staple set brushes.
Manufacture: Gordon Brush
Fill Material: Hog Bristle
Handle Material: Wood
Brush Face Length: 15.875 (1-3/8")
Trim: 11.1125 (7/16")
Rows: 3 x 7 (2 x Rows of 7 & 1 x Row middle row of 6)
Handle Length: 196.85 (7 3/4")
Brush Face Width: 6.35mm (1/4")
Brush Pattern: Staggered




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