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Microcare IPA Presat Wipes IsoClean Pkt100 Refill PRODUCT: MCCBACWR
Microcare IPA Presat Wipes IsoClean Pkt100 Refill
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Microcare IPA Based Pre-saturated Wipes (IsoClean) 100 Wipes. Refill Bag Only

This is an affordably-priced, high-purity choice for cleaning stencils, solder paste, fluxes, grease, inks,
light oils and general industrial grime. Noncorrosive and ESD-safe, the product most often is used as
a general-duty stencil cleaner and benchtop cleaner. 100% volatile, the liquid evaporates cleanly
and rinsing is never required. These pre-saturated wipes feature the popular self-closing slam-shut lid,
which extends the shelf life even when the package has been opened. No other company features
this clever, customer-oriented and money-saving feature which is important because it enables
MicroCare to offer the industry’s only unlimited shelf-life on pre-saturated wipes/cloths. IsoClean is safe
on all of the materials found in today’s electronics, including components, connectors, cables and
elastomers. IsoClean is 100% pure, anhydrous (water-free) reagent-grade isopropyl alcohol (IPA),
which makes IsoClean a surprisingly powerful cleaner. (Many IPA-based cleaners contain up to 30%
water, which is added by manufacturers to reduce costs.) Ozone-safe, low GWP. 100% VOC.

* Affordably-priced cleaner for fluxes, pastes, light oils
* Money-saving refills eliminate solid waste, protect the environment
* 100% pure water-free reagent-grade alcohol (IPA) for stronger cleaning
* Noncorrosive and ESD-safe

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