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Microcare Sten., Squeeg. & Mispr. CleanerWipePk100 PRODUCT: MCCCDIW
Microcare Sten., Squeeg. & Mispr. CleanerWipePk100
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Microcare Stencil, Squeegee and Misprint Cleaner Wipes, Screen Clean, 100 Wipes

This powerful ink remover is a pre-saturated wipe and is ideal for use inks, thick-film pastes and
partially-cured epoxies. It is safe on all types of screens, such as those used to print thick-film
pastes and hybrid circuits, because it is strong enough to do the job but mild enough to avoid
damage to the fragile emulsions used on screens. When used on UV-curable inks, ScreenClean
reacts quickly with the contamination, breaking molecular bonds, speeding cleaning and improving
quality. With a modest, inoffensive aroma, this hydrocarbon-based cleaner is dries relatively slowly
for optimum tack-time.

There are 100 8 x5 Wipes in each tub. 100% volatile, the liquid evaporates cleanly and rinsing is
never required. These pre-saturated wipes feature the popular slam-shut lid, which extends the shelf
life even when the package has been opened. (No other company features this clever, customer-oriented
and money-saving feature.) The wipe itself is an ultra-pure, high-strength polyester fabric not paper that
will not leave lint or residues on the stencils. Uniquely, these Stencil Wipes have the industry’s only
unlimited shelf-life.

This is the one pre -saturated wipe from MicroCare that does not come with refills for the tub.




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