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Microcare Presaturated Wipe Uncured Epoxy Cleaner PRODUCT: MCCEPXW
Microcare Presaturated Wipe Uncured Epoxy Cleaner
$49.95 (EX GST)
Unit Each
Uncured Epoxy Cleaner Pre-saturated Wipes - Epoxy

The Uncured Epoxy Cleaner Pre-saturated Wipes from MicroCare are an innovative stencil
cleaner and degreaser. Engineers and operators select this product because it is convenient,
powerful, fast, easy to use and environmentally benign. This very strong cleaner removes
all types of uncured and partially cured chip bonders, plus grease, solder paste, light oils
and even some inks. This cleaner easily dissolves both organic and inorganic (ionic) deposits
and acrylic conformal coatings. It can be used safely on all types of circuits and mechanical
parts -- it does double-duty as a light degreaser. When purchased in pails it is highly effective
in the stencil roll wetting system inside stencil printers from DEK, MPM, EKRA and others.
The wipes / cloths itself is a very strong lint-free material that will not tear, rip or shred. The packaging
is convenient and the "slam-shut" lid keeps the wipes damp, even after the container has
been opened. No residues, so no rinsing is required. Completely ozone-safe. Low global
warming impact. 100% VOC. ESD safe and safe on most plastics. Also available in
money-saving refills, so you can protect both your budget and the environment by re-using
the sturdy plastic tub. Unlimited shelf life.

Cleaning Strength (Kb) 90 (Est)

Evaporation Rate Slow

Flashpoint (TCC) 41° C/ 106° F

NFPA Health 0; Fire: 2; Reactivity: 0

Organic Content (g/L) 890

Ozone Impact Zero

REACH and ELINCS Compliant Yes

RoHS and WEEE Compliant Yes

SNAP Approved Not applicable

Safety Rating Combustible

Specific Gravity (@ 15°C) 0.88

Surface Tension (dynes/cm) 24.9

Toxicity Rating (ppm, 8-Hr TWA, PEL) See MSDS




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