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Europlacer iineo 2 SMT Pick and Place Machine PRODUCT: EUIINEO2
Europlacer iineo 2 SMT Pick and Place Machine
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iineo 2 is widely configurable, allowing for 24 different machine possibilities, for the dual head machine:

Dual linear motor gantries including two rotary turret heads with 8 or 12 pickup nozzles
2 board positioning mechanisms
Oversized board options
Feeders in front and rear, or front only

The striking iineo platform features many improvements to the Europlacer machine range, such as an extremely high feeder count, largest industry board size and increased maximum component height.

The platform uses Europlacer's unique Integrated IntelligenceTM plus proven core features:

highly robust and flexible turret head
intelligent feeders
powerful software tools

while introducing new technologies with linear motors and digital cameras.

Heads: 2 rotary heads on dual linear X/Y gantries
with 8 or 12 pick ups & a 40 position smart nozzle bank per head (different options available)
Rate: 28 000 cph (0.128 sec. per chip)

01005 to 50x50mm
(70 x70mm and 100mm connectors in option)
Lead Pitch:

0.3mm (QFP), 0.4mm (µBGA)
0.15mm (QFP), 0.2mm (µBGA) with fixed camera option
Lead size: 0.15mm (QFP), 0.2mm (µBGA)
0.07mm (QFP), 0.1mm (µBGA) with fixed camera option
Accuracy: standard 35µm (QFP) to 60µm (Chip)
Feeders: 264 * 8mm + 3or4 Jedecs
Max PCB Size:

500 x 460mm or
500 x 600mm or
700 x 460mm or
700 x 600mm or
*1610 x 460mm or
*1610 x 600mm
(* NEW)


Wide pcbs
Long pcbs
Long / wide pcbs
Glue dispenser:
Time/pressure or Archimedean screw
Electrical test accessible by both heads
Fixed camera accessible by both heads
Conveyor auto width adjustment
Additional nozzle magazine
Special nozzle magazine
Display and keyboard at the rear
Internal matrix tray holder




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