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Europlacer Atom 4 Pick and Place SMT Machine PRODUCT: E_Atom4
Europlacer Atom 4 Pick and Place SMT Machine
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Atom 4
Over five years in development, the Europlacer design team set out to engineer a new platform that combines very high placement speeds with our legendary placement flexibility and accuracy.
As a result, they succeeded with the high speed smt placement Atom.
Therefore, now it’s possible to have a high speed AND flexible solution with no compromise.
Gantries are driven in the x-axis at both ends simultaneously. They use synchronised linear motors with precision encoders.
Mechanical deflection is eliminated and most importantly, acceleration is increased by 66% to 2g
264 x 8mm feeders
01005 to 13 x 13 mm components
50 µm (chips) @ 3 sigma
PCB size up to 2059mm x 715mm
Component height 7mm
Component testing capability – with independently verifiable calibration (UKAS / NIST / PTB etc.)
Dispensing Archimedes or air/time for glue or solder paste
Every nozzle position can place all and any component types, for real line balancing and no limitations.
Odd form & smart nozzle banks
Atom 4 104,000CPH Max
Atom4 atom4. pick-place-machine-Atom 4




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