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Smoke Absorber, ESD, w/ flexi Arm PRODUCT: QUI493ARM
Smoke Absorber, ESD, w/ flexi Arm
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ESD Smoke Absorber, on flexi arm

1. Remove noxious fumes quickly, safely and efficiently.
2. Angle can be adjusted at will and easy to place and move, low noise
and long lifetime fan.
3. High absorption replaceable filter which is made of special urethane foam
and premium activated carbon.
4. Regular and ESD safe two types.
Colour: Black
Power consumption: 14W(60Hz) 16W(50Hz)
Absorption capacity: About 0.93/1.07m3/min
Outer dimensions: 167(L)*101(W)*182(H)mm
Weight About: 1.5kg
Accessory: Filter




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