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Anti-Wicking Tool, AW24 PRODUCT: AW24
Anti-Wicking Tool, AW24
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Anti-Wicking Tool, AW24

Full Length: 127mm
Conductor Contact Length: 0.79mm
Hole Diameter: 0.56 - 0.58mm

Bullet-shaped head grips conductor, supports insulation. Perfect conductor contact.

* Precision-made from non-fatiguing copper/beryllium alloy.
* Fully chrome-plated for extended life and solder-free operation.
* Heads drilled to precise tolerance for positive conductor contact and maximum thermal conductivity.
* Insures compliance with military and NASA specifications on inspection requirements of solder connections when used properly.
* Reverse action automatically grips conductor
* Stock numbers give correct AWG size wire that tools are made to fit.
* Meet all specifications for soldering both single and multi-strand wire
Anti wicking tool




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