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Wrist Strap Elastic Adjustable w/ 1.8m Cord, 4mm Stud PRODUCT: DES09039
Wrist Strap Elastic Adjustable w/ 1.8m Cord, 4mm Stud
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This wristband consists of a hook and loop band with a D-ring buckle, a conductive strip for static charge dissipation, and a 4mm snap stud. The D-ring enables the wearer to cinch the band for a secure fit. The band will adjust to fit any size wrist. Contact with the wearer is established through a conductive Teflon
tab sewn to the inside of the band.
Wrist Strap
* Easy to open plastic clasp secures elastic material in place, and allows the user to easily adjust the wrist band size. Maintains electrical continuity even when open.
* Non-allergenic stainless steel base plate, provides excellent skin contact, for superior grounding.
* Insulating cap, thermoplastic.
* Soft elastic band.
Ground Cord
*360 degree movement of grounding cord plug.
*Barrel type banana plug. Fits industry standard banana jack .166 in. (4.22mm).
*Metallized, high flex tinsel, black jacket.
*Spring loaded 4mm snap socket.
*Date coded with date of manufacture.
Wrist Strap
4mm stud, to fit 4mm spring loaded medical snap socket.
Ground Cord
One megohm, 1/4 watt, series resistor, moulded within snap assembly, limits current for operator safety.
*Alligator clip included in kit only. Available separately as item DED09700.

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