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Desco Wrist Band Elastic w/ 6 ft Coil PRODUCT: DES09070
Desco Wrist Band Elastic w/ 6 ft Coil
$45.03 (EX GST)
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* Extra wide, soft elastic band
Increased wearer comfort
* Has silver impregnated nylon knitted on inside for superior conductivity
Reliably removes generated static charges
* Made with pure silver irreversibly bound to fibres providing both antimicrobial and anti-odour performance
* Adjustable
Only one item to stock; may be fitted to almost all people
* Locking clasp
Band locked so it will not slip
* Replacement elastic bands available and easy to replace without tools
Save money; no need to replace entire wrist strap
* Unique patented adjustment design eliminates exposed conductive “tail” of band
Provides added safety eliminating chance of providing inappropriate ground path
* Medical grade 300 series stainless steel used for all metal parts
Eliminates allergic skin reactions for most people
* Non-shedding, non-sloughing band material
Safe for microelectronics
* UL listed- coil cord includes 1 megohm resistor
* Date coded
Providing lot traceability to ensure quality control
* Made in America
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