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Desco Wrist Straps, Jewel Adj. Cord Only, 6ft PRODUCT: DES09160
Desco Wrist Straps, Jewel Adj. Cord Only, 6ft
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Desco Wrist Straps, Jewel Adj. Cord Only, 6ft

*Dual Wire Coil Cord provides redundancy
Even if one conductor is severed, operator has reliable path-to-ground with other wire

*Use with resistive loop technology continuous monitor
Continuously verifies the proper resistance to ground of the operator

* Coil cord with moulded 1 Megohm current limiting resistor on both ground paths
Protects user from shock due to inadvertent contact with line voltage

* 3.5mm phono plug connector
Simply insert phono plug into hole to allow for hanging cord at workbench

* Single (Snap-One™) snap head
Allows operators to quickly and easily attach and detach the cord from the wristband

* Custom manufactured right angle mono-plug
Reduces chance of accidental disconnects, providing more secure ground connection

*Use patented (6,052,053 and 6,205,408) Dual Wire Wrist Strap with Desco Dual Wire Continuous Monitor

*UL listed - coil cord includes 1 megohm resistor
For your safety

* Date coded
Providing lot traceability to ensure quality control

* Superior warranty

* Superior resistor connection strain relief
Superior reliability. Greatly exceeds ESD S1.1 Bending Life Test. Tested at over 11,000,000 cycles vs. the 16,000 requirement

* Made in the United States of America
Superior quality

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