Desco Emit Ion Gun, Chargebst HandHeldIoniser 220v PRODUCT: DES50644
Desco Emit Ion Gun, Chargebst HandHeldIoniser 220v
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Point-of-use compressed gas ionizer
Neutralize electrostatic charges to eliminate attraction, visual imperfections, and contamination issues by dislodging charged dust and debris
Fast < 1 second discharge time with ± 30 volt offset voltage balance
For use with multiple requirements where static charges
may generate
Modular design with 7 foot ESD protective hose with trigger switch
Allows operators freedom of motion and minimizes awkward or unsupported positions
Use filtered air or nitrogen – no adjustment required
Allows for quick change between air supply
Console mounting hardware included
Allows Charge buster Ion Gun to be mounted in a convenient location
Quick filter replacement feature
Minimizes down time
One year limited warranty

The Charge buster Ion is a point-of-use ionizer using compressed air or nitrogen to neutralize electrostatic charges from a small, defined area and/or to facilitate removal of charged particles.
These ready-to-use units are designed for use in applications and areas where Electrostatic Attraction contamination create manufacturing or handling problems (Ref: ESD Handbook TR 20.20 paragraph Point of Use Ionization).
The Chargebuster Ion meets or exceeds the recommended technical requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20 tested in accordance with ANSI/ESD S3.1.
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