Desco Emit Ioniser 2 Fan 24" OVERHEAD Zero v PRODUCT: DES50671
Desco Emit Ioniser 2 Fan 24
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2-FAN,IONIZER,OVERHEAD 24" (610mm wide ) 220V, ZVI7200

* Best Overhead Ionizer Now Available from Desco EMIT
* Low Balance (Offset Voltage)
* Balance ±3 volt, typically; ±5 volts maximum controlled via Desco EMIT patented Auto-Balancing Sense Feedback
* Fast Discharge Time
Tested at 3.1 seconds Neutralization Discharge Time under fan 1,000 volts to 100 volts per ESD S3.1 (18" under fans)
* Data Acquisition
Data acquisition via RS485 to computer recording levels of performance at all times
* Calibration
Easy to adjust or calibrate with control buttons on the unit, no adjustments tools are needed. Optional battery operated hand-held Infrared Remote Control to adjust offset voltage (balance), and maintenance and alarm levels (using Charged Plate Monitor)
* Overhead installation with two 9-speed fans
* Up to 124 units can be daisy-chained into one serial port
* Optional Remote Control Available
Model 50669 I/R remote control can be used to remotely adjust balance, fan speed and alarm settings up to 9 feet away.
* .
* CSA Approved
* Made in America
* Stainless Steel case, digital read out
50671 Ioniser DES50671




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