Fraser HP50 cable PRODUCT: FRA1250HPC
Fraser HP50 cable
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HP connector set

The versatile HP In-Line Connector (HP ILC) allows the operator to have a cable disconnect feature anywhere in the static eliminator cable system or to lengthen existing cables.

Used with Fraser HP Connectors on 5.5 < 6 kV systems, the stainless steel HP ILC enables the customer to:

have a cable disconnect between the power unit and static eliminator
repair damaged HT cable
extend the HT cable on existing static eliminators, subject to the maximum load of the power unit
Measuring 82 mm long x 20 mm in diameter, the HP In-Line Connector is supplied with 2 m of HT cable as standard.

The HP connector from the static eliminator simply screws into the open end of the HP ILC, which in turn is connected to the power unit. The power unit must be switched off before connecting or disconnecting a cable.




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