Fraser 3700 Controler Power Supply for 3850 PRODUCT: FRA3850PSU
Fraser 3700  Controler Power Supply for 3850
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3850-SC IONSTORM BARS Power Supply
3850HP-SC Bar Power Supply

Connector Boxes allow up to four Ionstorm Bars to be powered by one Ionstorm Controller. POWER UNITS
> Able to power up to four 3850SC Bars from one Controller.
> Fully encapsulated high voltage assembly.
> Compact plastic box with 500 mm HT cable leading to Controller.
> Longer cable length can be specified at time of order.
> With Connectors 4:1

Range: Set slow frequency for distances up to 1 m, and a faster frequency for closer distances, e.g. 300 mm.

Balance: If the static charge varies, set a balanced output. If the static is constant, the balance can be adjusted 80:20 in each polarity for even better performance.

Power: Adjustable from 0-14 kV. Totally shock proof.

Supply Voltage: 230 V Hz, 24 V DC.

Alarm: Shows correct function.

Remote Control: Available through DIN Connector for on/off and alarm.

EXTRA outlets optional
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