Fraser 4125B Ionised Air gun w/ 5m cord PRODUCT: FRA4125B
Fraser 4125B  Ionised Air gun w/ 5m cord
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The 4125 is our most powerful airgun for neutralising static electricity and removing dust and other contaminants.
Duster gun with 5m cord

It is available in two variants for top or bottom air feed.

The 4125 is suitable for the most demanding cleaning and static neutralising work.
The open construction of the ionisation head and the airflow amplifier nozzle give the 4125 operational efficiency, producing maximum ionisation with maximum airflow.
The hand trigger, in addition to being very robust and ergonomic, gives the operator excellent control of the airflow.
The air consumption is minimised by the air nozzle which amplifies the compressed air by 20:1.
Ergonomic full-hand trigger is suitable for all day use, unlike designs using one or two fingers.
The robust and modular design is designed for easy repair and maintenance designs using one or two fingers.
This duster gun needs a HP50 power supply or HP50 ion power supply
Duster gun with 7m cord
1 x 4125 duster gun
Power Supply (incl. power cord) sold separately
4125_ionised_airgun Duster gun Ioniser Removes dust and charge




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