Fraser 4125 Power Unit PRODUCT: FRA4125PSU
Fraser 4125 Power Unit
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Fraser 90005 Power Unit HP50-2 230 Volt

Two 4125 duster Guns each with 5m of HT cable

1250-S Bar 12m of combined Bar and HT cable.

Dual output for TWO bars.

The HP50-2 produces high voltage, low current in a controlled and safe way to provide the power for Fraser
AC High Performance static eliminators working on 5.5 kV.

> It has stainless steel bayonet connectors for fast and easy connection of static eliminators.
> Construction IP54 rated.
> On-off switch is standard. Also available for OEM use without switch (HP50-2-OEM.)
> Compact size makes it suitable for large and small machines.

Construction: Powder coated steel case. Transformer with
fully encapsulated windings.

Input: 115 V or 230 V, 50/60 Hz. Please specify input voltage.

Output: 5.5 kV, secondary current limited to 5 mA. Maximum Load:
12 m of combined Bar and HT Cable.

Environment: 50º maximum temperature. 70% rH non-condensing max.
Location should be dry and oil free.

Safety: The design is current limited to 5 mA. If more than 5 mA current
is drawn the transformer is designed to shut
down. Power will restart when the excessive load or fault is removed.

Options: Available without illuminated switch: Product Code HP50-2-OEM.




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