Conformal Coatings

TechSpray Acrylic Conf/ Coat 12 oz USE TS-2108-12S PRODUCT: TS2103-12S
TechSpray Acrylic Conf/ Coat 12 oz USE TS-2108-12S
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Fine-L-Kote AR
Acrylic Conformal Coating
Obsolete product, use TS2108-12S instead

Techspray’s AR Acrylic Conformal Coating is an economical conformal coating to
protect PCBs. Fine-L-Kote AR is HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) free, so do not
contain common coating solvents like Toluene, Xylene, and MEK. This makes coating
more user friendly and safe.
Fast Cure Dry to Touch in 15 Minutes.
Thick Coating One-Pass Application
Fast & Easy Rework & Repair
Meets IPC-CC-830 & MIL-I-46058C
Crystal Clear & Glossy Finish
Contains Opti/Scan, UV Indicator for Black Light QC Inspection
Hazardous Air Pollutant Free: no MEK, Toluene or Xylene

Electronic Assemblies for Automotive Aviation, Consumer Electronics, Appliances, Industrial Meters & Control

Thinning / Removal
Techspray coatings can be thinned to meet production requirements using Conformal
Coating Thinner (2105). Conformal Coating Remover (2510) is also available for rework
and repair, although coating is often just burnt through in the soldering process for spot
Techspray coatings contain Opti/Scan to allow quality control inspection of coverage and
evenness of the coating on a PCB. A coated board can be passed under a standard,
low-cost UV (black) light, and the coated areas glow. The brighter the glow, the thicker
the coating.
Copyright 2012 Techspray.
For Commercial Use Only
Chemical Components
Acrylic Polymer (non-hazardous)
n-Propyl acetate CAS no. 109-60-4
Acetone CAS no. 67-64-1
Cure Profile
Accelerated Cure: 2 Steps 20min @ 49°C, then 30min @ 82°C
Ambient Cure: 24 hours @ 74°F / 23°C (ambient temp)
Tack-Time (dry to touch): 15 min @ 74°F / 23°C (ambient temp)
Cure time depends on a number of factors, including the method and thickness of
application. Dilution will also change the cure profile. A faster cure may be achieved, but
should be thoroughly tested first.
Test Method* 2103 Test Results
Application Method Spray system, dip, or brush
Cure time TS-053 24 hours @ 74°F / 23°C (ambient temp)
Accelerated cure time TS-054 2 Steps 20min @ 49°C, then 30min @ 82°C
Dry time to touch TS-055 15 min @ 74°F / 23°C (ambient temp)
Quality inspection method of coverage UV (long-wave black) light
Removal method
2510 Techspray Conformal Coating Remover or burn
As Supplied: Test Method 2103 Test Results
Visual appearance TS-050 Clear, colourless liquid
Density (25 C) TS-019-1 0.87 – 0.90 g/ml
Viscosity (25 C) Instrument (Brookefield RVT) guide Aerosol15-30cp, Bulk 34-54 cp
Solids % TS-015 Aerosol-6%, Bulk-21%
Flash point ASTM D-56 (TAG CC) <4.4°C (40°F)
VOC calculated 256g/L
Initial boiling point TS-051 110°C (230°F)
Stability (30-day test @ 37°C/100°F) TS-052 Stable
Stability (30-day test @ 6.1°C/21°F) TS-052-1 Stable
Resin Tg provided by supplier 47.5 -50.5°C
Resin mol wt. provided by supplier 120,000
Copyright 2012 Techspray.
For Commercial Use Only
Certified Testing
As Cured - Physical Test Method 2103 Test Results
Dielectric strength ASTM D-149, IPC-TM-650, Rev. A 640 volts
Dissipation Factor ASTM D-150 0.0054
Dielectric Constant @ 1MHz ASTM D-150 4.7
Volume Resistivity Keithley Application Notes/Instructions 5X1013 ohms-cm
Adhesion ASTM D-3359 4B
Film hardness ASTM D-3363 4B
Film thickness (1 dip) ASTM D-1005 1 mil (0.001”)




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