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TechSpray Conformal Coating, Urethane12 oz Aerosol PRODUCT: TS2104-12S
TechSpray Conformal Coating, Urethane12 oz Aerosol
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UR Urethane Conformal Coating 2104

Techspray offers a variety of coating formulas to match field and engineering requirements. Specifications generally depend on the type
of protection needed: e.g. thermal, moisture, and static resistance.
Coatings contain Opti/Scan to allow quality control inspection of coverage and evenness of the coating on a PCB. A coated board can
be passed under a standard, low-cost UV (short-wave black) light, and the coated areas glow. The brighter the glow, the thicker the

Tough coating with good chemical resistance
Urethane Conformal Coating is widely used in harsh chemical environments.
Max operating temperature to 248°F (120°C)
Dielectric strength 380 volts/mil
Non-ozone depleting
Moisture resistant
Chemically resistant
Abrasion resistant
IPC-CC-830B & MIL-I-46058C qualified
UV indicator for black light QC inspection

Product Packaging:

Fine-L-Kote UR Conformal Coating 12 oz.

Fine-L-Kote UR Conformal Coating 1 gal

Fine-L-Kote UR Conformal Coating 5 gal
Appearance Clear water-white viscous liquid
Odour Aromatic odour
Flash Point 27.2°C (81°F)
VOC (EPA) 744 g/l
Boiling Point 149°C (300°F)
Density 0.93

Chemical Composition:
n-Propyl acetate CAS no. 109-60-4
Urethane prepolymer CAS no.1330-20-7




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