Lighting and Magnification

Daylight XR Ultra Slim Magnifier- Tube lighting PRODUCT: DAYA22080
Daylight XR Ultra Slim Magnifier- Tube lighting
$315.00 (EX GST)
Unit Each
Daylight 28 Watt, 150 watt , 7"(175mm ) Magnifier

Type of tool desktop magnifier with backlight
Magnification 3 dpt (x1.75)
Lamp diameter 245mm
Lens dimensions 175mm, 6,89''
Power supply 230VAC 50/60Hz
Weight 3.5kg
Arm length 0.95m
Kind of fluorescent lamp 28W / T5
Plug variant NZ
additionaly lens (order separately)
desk edge fitting
extension arm enables free positioning
scratch-proof lens
lens made in XR Technology thanks to which it trasmits 50% more light than regular glass
fitted with lens cover
Gross weight: 4.66 kg
Guarantee (months): 12
A Cost effective option to the LED lights

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