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Pressmaster Corex 2 Step Coaxial Wire Stripper 204 PRODUCT: PRECX204
Pressmaster Corex 2 Step Coaxial Wire Stripper 204
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Corex CX 2xx is a stripping tool for coaxial cable, Ø 2,5-7,6 mm/0.1-0.3", 2 level stripping.

Flexible. Strips more coaxial cable sizes (Ø 2.5-7.6 mm/0.1-0.3") than any other comparable stripper.
Accurate. Strips most cables with machine-like accuracy. Standard cassettes produce the strip lengths required for the majority of connectors. Custom cassettes can be made to order.
Unique setting gauge gives simple adjustment of blade height for most common cable types.
Fast. Simply insert the cables, close and rotate to strip.
Long-lasting. Steel blades tested for more than 1,000 strips per cassette.
Economical. High productivity, long life and great versatility make Corex a best buy for anyone who needs to strip more than one cable size
Each tool is delivered with one knife cassette, four v-blocks, gauge and allen-key
All four cassettes are available as separate items.

Cassette Colour Blade Spacing(B) mm/
CX 202 red 6.0/0.24
CX 207 blue 6.8/0.27
CX 203 orange 9.2/0.36
CX 204 yellow 12.0/0.47

* adjustable
Length: 90 mm/3.54"
Width: 25.5 mm/1"
Height: 37.5 mm/1.48"
Weight: 40 gr/0.09 lb
Wire size: 2.5-7.6 mm / 0.1''-0.3''
Stripping dimensions mm/mm2:
Stripping dimensions inch/AWG:
Cable: Coaxial cable
Description: Coaxial cable stripper Ø 2.5-7.6 mm/0.1-0.3
Life span, cycles: 1,000 strips per cassette

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