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Product Changed
3M 40PR Tape, ESD Antistatic 6.35mm wide ( 1/4" ) x 66 metres ( 72 yards )

3M 40 Printed and Unprinted Antistatic Utility Tapes
represent a breakthrough in PSA tape technology. This
new tape, which generates less than 50 volts on unwind
and removal from stainless steel, helps prevent ESD
damage to sensitive electronic components in
manufacturing environments. Triboelectric charge may
vary with your application and
Patented Technology
3M antistatic utility tape is a
transparent polyester film tape
with acrylic adhesive. Made with a
proprietary technology, the tape
generates extremely low levels of
triboelectric charge when it is
unwound from the roll and also
when removed from most surfaces
on which it is placed. This makes
the tape an excellent choice for use
near electronic components and
assemblies. The tape is supplied on
36 yard and 72 yard rolls on 1 and
3M cores.
Superior Performance
3M antistatic utility tape can be
used at static-safeguard
workstations as part of your total
static control program. It
generates very low levels of static
charge even in dry conditions of
10% RH. The tape is supplied on a
paper core; antistatic plastic cores
are available to minimize
particulate contamination in clean work areas.
40 Printed for Protection
The tape is printed on the adhesive side with the 3M
logo and the ESD Protective Symbol. This reminds
workers that 40 tape is the only utility tape you allow in
static-safeguarded areas.
· Office/Clean Room/Work Station
Holding notes of work orders
Holding obstruction down
Third hand, general purpose
· Manufacturing
Close static shielding bags
Conformal coating/masking
Holding and sealing supplies
· Packaging
Box, bag and container sealing/holding DIP Tubes
· Removing Contaminants
· Label Stock
Call 1-800-328-1368 for more information or the name
of your nearest 3M ELPD Division authorized
Typical Properties
Property/Unit of Measure Test Method Typical Value
Static charge generation:
Removal from roll,
10% RH, volts 3M 20
Removal from roll,
50% RH, volts 3M 5
Removal from stainless
steel, 10% RH, volts 3M 50
Removal from stainless
steel, 50% RH, volts 3M 5
Surface resistance:
Adhesive @ 50% RH, W ESD Assoc. 5 x 106
STD 11.11
Adhesive @ 10% RH, W ESD Assoc. 5 x 106
STD 11.11
Adhesion to steel, oz./inch ASTM D 1000 15
Unwind force from roll, oz./inch ASTM D 1000 24
Thickness, mils ASTM D 1000 2.2
Break strength, lb./inch ASTM D 1000 20
Slit width, inch ASTM D 1000 ± 1/64
Non - outgassing
TML ASTM E 595 <1.0%

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