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Desiccant pack, 200 x 0.5g packet of silica gel PRODUCT: BAS13847
Desiccant pack, 200 x 0.5g packet of silica gel
$47.25 (EX GST)
Unit: Pkt200
Availability: Please Confirm Lead Time

Sold in packets of 200 Bags which have 0.5 grams in each bag.

Was Part Number CP13847

Bags are 35mm x 16mm

Desiccant works by efficiently absorbing airborne moisture left inside the bag
after vacuum sealing, and captures moisture that manages to pass through
the bag material. Secure in a strong envelope of clean room compatible,
sulphur-free, Tyvek plastic, these desiccants keep your devices dry.
Meets the requirements of EIA 583 and MIL-D-3464, Types I&II.
Choose from eight sizes for just the right amount of protection.

One unit of desiccant is defined as the quantity having an adsorption capacity of 6 grams of water at 77° F (25 °C), at 40% Relative Humidity.
The desiccant Silica Gel (SG) for example is rated at 32 grams per unit.





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