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Product Changed PRODUCT: BSC-AFM
Product Changed
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Anti- Fatigue Cond. Mat.

Was Product Code: BSC-AFM. Now Use Product Code: DES40979

* Anti-Fatigue Matt

* Size: 620 x 920 x 15mm

* Adopts advance process, surface resistance of static dissipative layer is 10E8-9?, foaming layer 10E8-9?.

* With anti-static warning label in the surface, naturally forms anti-static protecting area;

* Anti-slipping design in surface, more safer in use

* Resistant to chemical solvent

* Has Earthing stud attached so that it can be grounded.

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Anti- Fatigue Cond. Mat.620mm x 920mm
Anti- Fatigue Cond. Mat.620mm x 920mm

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