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Lotion, Hand, Reztore, 8 oz.

* Improves reliability of path-to-ground when using wrist straps, ESD gloves or ESD footwear*

* Special ESD formulation for the electronic manufacturing environment; will not insulate skin
like regular lotions
Helps provide reliable path-to-ground, protecting ESD susceptible product

* Dissipative formulation creates a superior path to ground
Helps lower skin electrical resistance and eliminates annoying and time consuming dry skin
wrist strap testing failures

* Non-contaminating and solder-safe; free of chemicals that may adversely affect
solder ability or cause corrosion of electronic components
Reduces contamination that can cause solder ability problems

* Absorbs quickly
Easy to use

* Contains Vitamins A, D, and E
Healthy for users

* Enriched with aloe Vera
Positive skincare benefit

* Mild peach scent
Pleasant for users

* Made in the United States of America

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