Screwdriver, Torque-Electric S/D 0.7Nm-3Nm PRODUCT: ASA7500
Screwdriver, Torque-Electric S/D 0.7Nm-3Nm
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ASA Electric Screwdriver - High Torque, 1000rpm


Full auto shut off electric screwdrivers Torque range:7.0~50kgf-cm
High precision, super-large torque output.
Low-voltage DC motor, safe and comfortable to use.
Exterior-mounted carbon brush allows easy replacement.
Uniquely designed for repair work on production lines, minimizing downtime.
EMC approved.
ESD type available
High speed type 'S'
Push-to-Start type available 'PS'
Power supply included

kgf-cm lbf-cm Low High

7000 7.0-20.0 6.1-17.4 700 1000 3.0-4.0mm 2.6-3.5mm
7500 7.0-30.0 6.1-26.0 1000 3.0-5 .0mm 2.6-4.0mm
8000 12.0-30.0 10.4-26.0 550 1000 3.5-5.0mm 3.4-4.0mm
8500 12.0-40.0 10.4-34.7 700 1000 3.5-5.5mm 3.0-4.5mm
9000 20.0-50.0 17.3-43.4 500 1000 4.0-6.0mm 3.5-5.0mm

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