Screwdriver Spring Balancer 0.5kg - 1.2kg Range PRODUCT: ASASB1.2
Screwdriver Spring Balancer  0.5kg  - 1.2kg Range
$82.95 (EX GST)
Unit Each
Spring balancer for the ASA Electric Screwdriver 4000 Series.


Spring Balancer
Spring Balancer Torque Cover

Product Description
German style tool balancer features adjustable tension from 1.1 to 2.6lb. Screw mounts allow any ASA power supply to be mounted directly onto the balancer freeing up space on the bench. Use (2) 4MM X 40MM steel screws or ties that come with the tool. Tension is adjusted on the front with a knob, simply turn the knob clockwise to increase tension or pull up on the inner knob to release tension. Cord is 6' long.
Cable Length: 2.0 m
Cable Material: Steel
Capacity 1: 1.1 to 2.6 Lbs
RPM: -
Style: Tension Knob Adjustment
Torque: Tool Balancer

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